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  • Please note that this site does not host the search for the EHP Significa network. To find an EHP Significa provider, go to www.ehpsignifica.com.

  • Search Capabilities Use our search engine to locate physicians, hospitals, or facilities (e.g. hospice, MRI, ambulance services, etc.) in our network of providers.  You can search by name, using search option 1, or by type of physician or facility, using search option 2. Large scope provider directories require some time to download. Full state or multi-county directories usually require a high-speed (DSL or cable modem) connection.

  • Network Partners The EHP network consists of providers directly contracted and providers accessed through our network partners.  To access all of EHP's network, you may need to have a membership card with our network partner logos on it.  Contact your insurance plan administrator to obtain a card that includes the logos of all our network partners. This search tool represents the entire network. Click here to learn more about our network partners.

  • Provider Access Not all professional providers at all facilities participate.. Professional services may be billed separately and may not be provided by a participating provider. This provider directory information is subject to change without notice as provider participation changes periodically.

  • Your Member Card Be sure to always take your member card when you visit your health care providers. Many providers require this. Also, your card will help your provider clearly understand the health care network you access.

  • Open/Closed Provider Status Though our data reflects any known limitations on a practice, physicians and providers "open" and "close" their practices to new patients depending upon patient load and staff availability. Please contact the provider to confirm whether he or she is accepting new patients.

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