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EHP is committed to supporting your needs as a provider partner. EHP delivers value as a preferred and competitive alternative health product option in our market. The more choices available to employers purchasing health coverage, the less chance that any one carrier or entity can control the market. This also allows providers the freedom of choice.

Local Provider Partnership and Regional Coverage

  • EHP is a regional network built on local provider relationships.
  • EHP believes that local providers are better able to understand the needs of the patients living in their community.
  • Through competitive fee-for-service reimbursement, EHP offers local providers an ideal alternative to risk-sharing HMO managed care plans.
  • Physicians and patients determine the best treatment plan to ensure the highest quality of care.
  • EHP offers referral access to more than 49,000 physicians/providers and 179 hospitals in Pennsylvania.

Simplified Administration

  • As an open-access Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), EHP has no "gatekeeper" requirements. Network providers offer members the care they need when they need it.
  • Unlike and HMO or point-of-service plan, EHP has limited referral requirements. No permission is needed to refer a patient to a network specialist. Because of our comprehensive network, out-of-panel referrals are rare.
  • EHP offers internet access to all application forms and office manual at our forms page.

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