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Disclaimer: You may not have in network access to all Significa providers. Not all professional providers at all facilities participate with Significa. Professional services may be billed separately and may not be provided by a participating provider.


Network Partners

The Significa EHP network option is made up of directly contracted providers and of providers contracted with our network partners in Pennsylvania. Just like your bank card displays logos for money access systems you can use, your card should include the logos of our network partners. To access all of Significa's EHP network, you may need the following logos on your member card. Not all employers will have access to the entire EHP network. Contact your insurance company or plan administrator for a card that includes the logos of network partners relevant to your plan if your current card does not include this information. See the map and chart for more information.

Blue Ridge Health Network InterGroup Vantage

Map of the Significa EHP network option Coverage Areas (Pennsylvania)

Click to view larger map.

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